San Mateo County, along with five other Bay Area counties, has issued Shelter in Place orders. As part of this legal order, all non-essential services have been ordered to close to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. 


Glow will be closed until Tuesday, April 7, in accordance with this legal order, and plans to re-open on Wednesday, April 8. If the order is lifted prior to Wednesday, April 8, we will re-open sooner, and if the order is extended beyond April 8, we will remain closed until the order is lifted. 


If you have an appointment in the next three weeks, it will be automatically cancelled. We hope you will use our online booking site to reschedule your appointment on April 8 or later. The salon will be closed and no front desk personnel will be available so appointments for April 8 or later may only be scheduled online.


We realize this is a troublesome time for everyone as we, as a community, cope with a very serious virus so close to home. As a small business with families to support this is an incredibly difficult time for us as well. We feel very loyal to our clients and regret having to take this action but it is required by the health offices of San Mateo County. It is in the best interest of everyone in the community to limit exposure and curb the spread of the virus.


We hope you remain healthy and are kind to others as we all navigate this stressful situation.


The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. – Coretta Scott King


Thank you for your support!

Renza, Beth, Jamie & Jen

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