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Ah-h-h, relaxation! This classic full-body therapeutic massage uses light to medium pressure with rhythmic strokes designed to encourage relaxation, enhance circulation and eliminate toxins.  Swedish massage is known to reduce joint stiffness, muscle tension and pain. 

60 minutes     $90   |   75 minutes     $115   |   90 minutes     $135 

Series of 3: 60 minute massages      $258

Series of 6: 60 minute massages      $510


Melt away with this soothing massage and deep heat therapy. Smooth polished stones are warmed and incorporated into the massage to loosen muscle tension and relieve stress. Hot stone massage promotes relaxation and opens the energy pathways.

75 minutes      $135


When you spend your days hunched over a computer, behind the wheel, or simply sitting with bad posture, pressure is put on the neck and shoulder area, resulting in stiff shoulders, a lack of flexibility in the neck and headaches. This massage will soothe away tensions in your upper body, break down knots and improve your flexibility. It helps relieve headaches by stimulating the nerves on your scalp and the circulation within your head. The ideal solution to relax and re-energize if your time is limited.

30 minutes      $60   |   45 minutes      $80


This deep massage will help to alleviate tension and release knotted muscles. Perfect for clients who appreciate a firm and thorough approach, our Deep Tissue Massage uses similar strokes to Swedish Massage but pressures are longer, firmer, and focus on areas of pain and tension. 

60 minutes     $100   |   75 minutes     $125   |   90 minutes     $145 

Series of 3: 60 minute massages        $288

Series of 6: 60 minute massages        $570


If you're pregnant, this massage is for you! This treatment helps to relieve swelling, tiredness, and the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. The utmost attention is paid to your comfort throughout this pampering massage.

60 minutes      $95


Reflexology promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing. Foot Reflexology and leg massage can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or even everyday work and play. Your massage therapist will apply traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques to the foot, calf and upper leg, helping to relieve toe & ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis, as well as decrease stress and anxiety in the entire body. 

30 minutes      $60   |   45 minutes      $80

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